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     Transparent pricing made it easy for me to choose this company without any confusion or surprises later on.
Ron L. 18/12/2023
     We had a truly positive experience with hiring GoodmayesCarpetCleaners, they delivered as promised; their cleaner arrived on schedule and gave great care to cleaning our kitchen and living room area, transforming it for the better!
Louise T.02/08/2023
     Ten sensational years of unparalleled customer service; they never falter when it comes to punctuality or workmanship.
Luisa H.06/07/2023
     Big thumbs up for Carpet Cleaning Goodmayes - their services made booking and paying for things really uncomplicated! Couldn't be happier with their services and would highly recommend them to all.
Kate P.10/02/2023
     Getting a clean carpet requires specialist treatments, and that's exactly what Carpet Cleaning Services Goodmayes do.
Haley O19/05/2020
      Goodmayes Carpet Cleaning Company makes spring cleaning a snap! It's no wonder they're the most trusted cleaning company.
     I would highly recommend this cleaning company. Carpet Cleaning Services Goodmayes were professional, dependable, reliable and great value for money.
T. Eagle08/02/2019
     I have never worked with a professional cleaning before but now I decided that some help would really be great with my house cleaning. I called GoodmayesCarpetCleaners, booked one of their professional cleaners and she came to my home. I am very impressed with how she left things - the entire home looks sparkly clean and now I really feel that it would be easier for me to maintain everything!
Isabelle 17/03/2015
     As the wife and I have gotten older we haven't been able to look after house cleaning chores as well as we used to in the past. We do have a cleaner who comes in a couple of times a week but she looks after the everyday, light tasks. A friend recommended GoodmayesCarpetCleaners for more strenuous and challenging tasks and I gave them a ring right away. The professional cleaners were not only speedy and efficient; they were also so polite and gracious. Working with the cleaning agency has really helped us a lot. I would certainly suggest them to anyone else in our position.
Paul L.19/09/2014
     I'd like to take a moment to share my experiences with GoodmayesCarpetCleaners. This company was the first one I tried, and all I need to say is that I don't need to try any others. The service they provided was top notch, especially for such an affordable price. Their cleaners were friendly, and considerate of my privacy. Every corner of my home looks like new again, and since the cleaning fluids they use are eco-friendly, there is no horrible after-smell. In short; my experiences with this cleaning company are thoroughly positive, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Freda F.29/08/2014
     Having just started a new job which involved a lot of commuting I found I had a lot less spare time and things like cleaning the house was getting neglected. So I phoned GoodmayesCarpetCleaners and first of all I can believe how low the prices were! To be honest I thought it may mean I get less of a service but in actual fact the cleaning has been faultless. For me, this is the best cleaning company out there. It has helped me out so much in the past six months and as I've used a number of their different services since I feel I am well qualified to recommend this company.
Tiffany F.13/08/2014
     GoodmayesCarpetCleaners thank you so much for what you have done for me, my home has never looked this great other than when it were all brand new, the day we moved in! I honestly didn't expect it to look anywhere near as good as this, after you visit. I was contemplating redecorating the lot before your arrival however now that is no longer a priority and I can leave that until we are more financially stable. If anyone is looking for a quick fix, a cheaper alternative then you need to hire these guys, you get nothing less than amazing results!